Another Project

I spent a good part of the day at the Creativ Festival in Mississauga and came home with two balls of yarn and a pattern for a summer shawl . Since I don’t know how to hand knit I’m working it up on my bulky gauge knitting machine. It’s already half done and I’m quite satisfied with the results so far . The yarn is called Nako Venus Heaven.


Sourdough SCOBY?

I’ve been making sourdough on and off for years.  This batch was parked beside the kombucha tea urn.  Is that why it formed a kombucha tea-like SCOBY,  or biofilm? This is the first time I’ve seen this happen.  Beneath the layer all was well,  the sourdough smelling nice and spicy.  I took the layer off and fed the sponge.  It’s bubbling away as good sourdough starter should.

After The Ice Storm

After what seemed like days of weather watches and special statements it was hard to take the forecasts seriously.  But Thursday the expected freezing rain did begin and by early evening if was obvious there would be a mess by morning.  The power went out as most people were preparing dinner.  We enjoyed a  candle light dinner of take out pizza and the lights came on just before bedtime

Thursday evening as it’s still raining.

We fell asleep listening to branches crashing down and I debated whether the vehicles were safer parked on the road or in the driveway under the trees. The only major branch we lost fell over the fence within inches of the neighbour’s camper trailer. So there is lots of cleaning of small branches.

Friday morning.
Friday morning.

The power went out again at dinner time which meant serving rather undercooked and frosty veggies for Easter family dinner,  but everything else was done.  The lights came on as we finished dessert.

Saturday morning.
Saturday morning.

Saturday morning dawned sunny with the ice still on the trees.  It was dazzling.  But,  we are still hearing chainsaws as everyone tries to clean up. Some folks are still without power.  I’ve posted more photos on my Google albums.

Quick Update

Not very good at updating my blog right now! You read that all over the internet of course. We’re coming down to the final three months before my daughter’s wedding. I was talking to someone yesterday about taking a watercolor class. Not until fall, I told her.  Yes, weddings are all consuming, she said. Well, we’re trying not to let it get that way with some good planning, but it does seem a rather large event looming on our horizon. A bridal shower is being planned in about three weeks time, and although I said I’m not getting involved, I lied. I’m starting to bake this week, keeping in mind that I’m hosting a family dinner on Friday and attending another three hours away in Saturday. Thankfully, my family is very forgiving and unlikely to bat an eye if I do something like forget the main course. A few Christmases ago, I made a turkey dinner and found the dressing untouched in the oven a few days later. I don’t know how that happened because for me and a few other people, dressing is the main event. Anyway, I’m living by the pen and notebook and looking forward to everything.

The knitted dress? Even machine knitting takes time to learn as I’ve come to realize. While you can make large rectangles of plain knitted textile very quickly, making a garment to fit right off the machine bed, along with patterning at least part of it so it’s not so plain takes a longer. So far, my experimental sweater has two sleeves, two backs, and one badly made front. I’m starting  a new front. The discarded front and back will probably turn into something like a cut and sew hot water bottle cover. The road to the actual dress is much longer than I anticipated.

I’ve also been doing some paper crafting. I love the box cards I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and took a swing at making some. The first was made using a purchased project from Cricut. The second, is made from scratch using a box card base template from The Non-Crafty Crafter. The box cards fold flat to fit in an envelope, but open to display the details within. I’m  inspired to make more, bigger and better!


All Occasion Box Cards by Lori Whitlock available through the Cricut Design Space


Box card made with The Non-Crafty Crafter template and Cricut DS images.

I also have to fit a little work in. Over on Ponybox:

And on, things keep rolling along.

And now, I’m sure I have something to do…

Passing the Winter Days

My project this winter has been to learn to use a knitting machine.  I now have two,  a mid-gauge suitable for knitting fine yarns and a medium gauge for heavier yarns. I’ve so far made some simple projects such as cut and sew sweaters,  some charity hats,  a braided scarf and other wearables.

Now I’m working on a sweater so that I can experiment with patterns and sizes to finally make myself the sweater dress I would like. I was lucky enough to find 4 cones of alpaca acrylic blend in a very fine yarn. I have two in a natural color and two in black. Judging from the amount that I’ve used so far to create my first sweater there will be plenty left over to make things like socks and who knows what else. Learning to use these machines means that I’ve relied on lot on YouTube videos. There are so many helpful people that have put instructional videos online. Two that I’ve relied on a lot are Roberta Rose Kelly and Dianne Sullivan.

It is very satisfying to make something that can’t be deleted with the press of a key.

January 2016 100k Walkies

Although I did not set out with the goal of walking 100km this month, it looks like my habit of walking 3.2km or 2 miles a day will get me there anyway. Unusually mild, dry weather means I’ve been out walking far more than I would expect this time of year. This is how my walking log looks right now:


Date Activity Calories Burned (kCal) Distance (km)  Time (seconds) Avg Pace (min/km) Avg Speed (km/h) Steps
Jan. 11, 2016 Walk 230 3.272 2217 11.29093 5.31398 4457
Jan. 10, 2016 Walk 226 3.226 2097 10.8318 5.53923 4394
Jan. 9, 2016 Walk 226 3.237 2069 10.6526 5.63239 4408
Jan. 8, 2016 Walk 393 5.629 3631 10.7500 5.58133 7666
Jan. 7, 2016 Walk 225 3.204 2159 11.2287 5.34342 2160
Jan. 6, 2016 Walk 240 3.429 2256 10.9629 5.47299 4671
Jan. 5, 2016 Walk 283 2.646 720 4.53430 13.2324 2785
Jan. 3, 2016 Walk 99 1.406 945 11.1953 5.35937 1916
Jan. 2, 2016 Walk 355 4.944 3085 10.3989 5.76982 6733
Jan. 1, 2016 Walk 203 2.762 1691 10.2037 5.88017 3761

To log my activities I use the mapmyrun app, actually mapmydogwalk and my Garmin Vivofit. So, I’ve achieved just over 33% of my goal in 11 days. I know that two miles a day is not that far to walk, but that’s where I am.

November 2015 100K Walkies Challenge

Last November Maxx and I walked 114 km and we plan to do it again this year. I created the 100k Walkies Challenge to motivate myself to get outdoors during the dreary month of November. I use my MapMyDogWalk app on my phone to record our time and distance. Yesterday, through cold rain and wind, we did our first 3.65 km. Today, the weather is much more inviting.

If you need some motivation to get walking, Maxx and I will be glad to be your cheering section. I’ll be posting photos from our walks on Instagram and here. Please join us!

We Have a Small Adventure

About ten days ago, we were sitting on the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park and playing in the water with the dog. Today, the dog and I will be warmly dressed as we head out for our walk. Ontario weather is never boring. In addition to the beautiful parks in the more easterly part of our province, there are many interesting places to explore. We viewed the Marmoraton Mine, a large hole in the ground that was for a short time, a profitable mine extracting iron ore, but is now what could be called a scar on the landscape, slowly filling in with water. It is strangely beautiful in a sad way.

DSCF4311 DSCF4309


We also travelled the short distance to Eldorado. This was briefly the site of Ontario’s first goldmine. The location is commemorated on a plaque, quite hidden in the trees by the roadside. A few buildings are still standing including one that claimed to be the site of Ontario’s first gas station. Another, where I’m standing in this photo was a store.  I felt a little insecure standing on that porch. Some of it didn’t seem very stable. If you’re inclined to drive solely to Eldorado to see the sights, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Well, Here I Am

After struggling now for the third time to get EDALB Blog up and running on my Netfirms account I’ve given up. I spent most of yesterday trying to install WordPress so that it didn’t trigger their security, but apparently it can’t be done. It seems  to be difficult to maintain a WordPress blog on that host, and I really don’t want to take the time to reinstall and rebuild every six months. So, until I decide exactly how to proceed on on that front, here I am Since this blog exists largely for my own entertainment, that may be where it stays. My work on Horses and Ponybox of course take precedence. Besides, who wants to be online when you could be hanging about in trees?

Apple Picking
I bet Eve too felt that all the best apples were just out of reach.