Poppy Flower Template

Remembrance Day 2020 was spent at home due to the pandemic. This is the first time I was inspired to put up any sort of decoration for the occasion as I felt I had to mark the day somehow. I drew this poppy and cut the pieces out of coloured 9″X12″ light cardstock. I cut 6 petals, two yellow and two black centers, and two leaves. I hot glued the pieces onto a large circle of paper and mounted the completed flower onto a larger circle of boxboard that I attached a loop of twine to hand it with.

I coated the paper with a spray sealer so it would survive a rainfall. It seemed to weather well and lasted a week outdoors without wilting or fading. I’m thinking of using coloured vinyl next time, so the poppy will last more than one year.

I had to tack up the upper petals once it was hung because they flopped over. But, overall, I like the effect. You could make this poppy in any size, large or small. Adjust the number of petals or inside centers for more detail. Cut by hand or use your cutting machine. This is an easy project and shouldn’t take you longer than an hour.

Help yourself to my (somewhat primitive) free SVG for a poppy flower.