The End of January? Already?!

Whaaat?! It’s January 30th? How did that month go by so quickly? One month of winter down, who knows how many to go. It’s been mild enough that we have lost most of the snow that fell earlier on. It got bitterly cold, and then the temperatures shot up well above freezing. I didn’t even get out to skate on the little rink they built here in the village. Now the weather has turned again and winter clearly hasn’t gone away.

But, I have been busy, which is why the time has gone so fast. I’m doing less writing and more making. I recently completed the Burda Sewing Instructors Certification. So that meant sewing, sewing and sewing. I also realized my wardrobe was woefully lacking warm winter clothes. So I stocked up on fleece and made myself warm pajama pants, fleecy leggins and a few fleece tops. My favourite so far has been a hooded tunic from Burda pattern #101C.

burda_teaching_stamp purple

I’ve also been paper crafting a bit. Valentine’s Day is coming and I’ve decorated my Valentine’s twig. I was also asked to make a couple of cards.


This card gave me a chance to try a watercolor technique I saw a long time ago using a simple wash for the background and then layering with vellum. I like the way it turned out although I’d cut the trees in the background differently next time so they don’t look like they’re on a cliff.


This was simple and fun to make and used up a bit of burlap ribbon I had. The picture is a photo I took several years ago and edited to for a sepia look.

On quite another track,  if you’re into planner stickers, here’s are some horse themed ones I came across by a talented maker named Victoria Thatcher. Check out her Horses stickers. She also shares lots of other great themes. I thought the whole planner sticker thing was silly and really resisted trying one out. But, now I’m mildly addicted. I’ve turned into a sticker and gold star kid again.


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