Musical Monday: Unsung Hero

Sometimes I have a country moment. So I listen to a little Terri.


2018 Starts With Socks

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2018. I’ve decided to abandon the news feeds, uninstall Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone, and concentrate on what’s important to me–making stuff. I have several ‘almost done’ sewing projects on the go. All are for the Burda Certified Instructor’s course I am taking.

But, I decided to take a quick break and sew up some socks. It’s winter and my feet are cold. And, because¬†I am taller than average most “knee socks” come up to about mid-calf.¬† I haven’t mastered making socks on my knitting machine. So the Jalie pattern for stretch fleece socks looked like a sewn alternative.

Socks made with Jalie Pattern
Sammy is amazed at how easy my socks were to make and how nicely they fit, even though they are a poopy colour.

This was an almost instant gratification project–less than an hour to cut and sew. The hardest part was finding the right textile. I was able to find 4-way stretch fabric on sale for $3 a meter–not the colors I’d like, but certainly suitable for my experiment with the Jalie sock pattern I purchased. I know it’s a little strange to become euphoric about socks, but I am over the moon about these. They were so simple to sew, and with a slight alteration of the pattern, I have knee socks that actually come up to my knee. I’m not sure how they’ll feel inside boots, as there are seams around the foot. But around the house, these will be perfect. As soon as my assignments are finished, I’ll be sewing more of these.