Passing the Winter Days

My project this winter has been to learn to use a knitting machine.  I now have two,  a mid-gauge suitable for knitting fine yarns and a medium gauge for heavier yarns. I’ve so far made some simple projects such as cut and sew sweaters,  some charity hats,  a braided scarf and other wearables.

Now I’m working on a sweater so that I can experiment with patterns and sizes to finally make myself the sweater dress I would like. I was lucky enough to find 4 cones of alpaca acrylic blend in a very fine yarn. I have two in a natural color and two in black. Judging from the amount that I’ve used so far to create my first sweater there will be plenty left over to make things like socks and who knows what else. Learning to use these machines means that I’ve relied on lot on YouTube videos. There are so many helpful people that have put instructional videos online. Two that I’ve relied on a lot are Roberta Rose Kelly and Dianne Sullivan.

It is very satisfying to make something that can’t be deleted with the press of a key.