We Have a Small Adventure

About ten days ago, we were sitting on the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park and playing in the water with the dog. Today, the dog and I will be warmly dressed as we head out for our walk. Ontario weather is never boring. In addition to the beautiful parks in the more easterly part of our province, there are many interesting places to explore. We viewed the Marmoraton Mine, a large hole in the ground that was for a short time, a profitable mine extracting iron ore, but is now what could be called a scar on the landscape, slowly filling in with water. It is strangely beautiful in a sad way.

DSCF4311 DSCF4309


We also travelled the short distance to Eldorado. This was briefly the site of Ontario’s first goldmine. The location is commemorated on a plaque, quite hidden in the trees by the roadside. A few buildings are still standing including one that claimed to be the site of Ontario’s first gas station. Another, where I’m standing in this photo was a store.  I felt a little insecure standing on that porch. Some of it didn’t seem very stable. If you’re inclined to drive solely to Eldorado to see the sights, I wouldn’t recommend it.



3 thoughts on “We Have a Small Adventure

  1. Bonjour Kathy . I find you , at last.
    Thanks for this trip in Ontario . The old mine s , ancient iron or gold mine and the remnants of the buildings give nostalgy .
    You are very styled on the small picture .
    Love ❤


  2. RYC : About Sunnyron. yes Kathy , he was a good friend and yes his daughter warn us in his site or otherwise when he passed away . Ha had travelled in all of Europ e and especially in France for his job.
    I was happy to find your comment and the link of this site
    Love ❤


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