As Busy As I Want to Be

I’ve been as busy as I want to be lately. I’ve been redecorating my house. The kitchen is almost done. Walls have been painted, new flooring installed. A new sink and tap has been purchased, and new ceiling fixtures have been installed as well as some cool under counter lighting. A new chandelier is waiting to be put up in the dining room. We need to pick out new counters, but are feeling tentative about it! Too many choices!

I’ve been crafting like crazy too. My Cricut Explore has given me so many options! I’m learning to make greeting cards, and today, I plan to cut an intricate leather design for the pockets of a pair of jeans I’m making. I’m sewing too. My favorite recent creation is what I call my tight pants. Every time I wear them, it reminds me of the Jimmy Fallon/Will Farrell tight pants skit and I feel like singing the song. The pants however, are anything but tight, so my family is a confused about why I call them my tight pants.

And because I don’t have enough to do, I bought an old knitting machine. I’m just learning how to use it and so far, have almost completed a scarf for my husband. Everybody might be getting scarves for Christmas next year, because it’s just so much fun to zing back and forth, and I haven’t learned how to do decreases and increases, or fancy patterns yet.

The next plan is redecorating a spare room into a crafting/sewing studio. I’ve got the paint and am waiting for some help to move some furniture. Then, the bathroom is going to get redecorated.

Right now, I better get out of my PJs and get going. Think I’ll wear my tight pants.

Tight Pants – Will Farrell and Jimmy Fallon